Dr. Mohammed Alhaj Hussein

Dr. Mohammed Alhaj Hussein

Dr. Eng.  Mohammed Alhaj Hussein, Head of the Saudi Green concrete committee and CEO of the Green Quality Ltd. Company that promotes green building products. He is also a CEO of the Green Quality Consulting Office and the Green Quality Testing Laboratory, in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. He is an international expert, member of several international and local engineering organizations and committees and a certified Saudi consultant civil engineer. 


He has completed his Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc), Civil Engineering from King AbdulAziz University, Saudi Arabia and PhD in Corrosion Control and Green Concrete from University of Surrey, UK.


Dr Alhaj Hussein is an active member of the Gulf Green Building Technical Committee (TC6/SCI);

American concrete International (ACI 240 Committee for the use of Natural Pozzolan in concrete) and (ACI 222 the corrosion of Metals in Concrete). He has a long year of professional experience, at his own engineering office; his field of expertise includes corrosion control, green concrete and green building materials, products, applications and technical methods. 


Moreover, Dr. Alhaj Hussein heads applied engineering research and development for the Saudi Green Building Council and the Saudi chapter of the Concrete Science Technology in addition to engineering training.  In the framework of his scientific contribution, Dr. Alhaj Hussein has presented various seminars and published many articles in specialized journals in Russia, USA, UK, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, Jordan. He has acted as a speaker, moderator and a conference chairman for many summits and specialized conferences of green concrete, green building and construction waste management. 


During his MPhil/PhD in University of Surrey, he had worked for 4 years as a concrete laboratory demonstrator - teaching and demonstrating for undergraduate classes of civil engineering students.


After his graduation in 1986, as a Civil Engineer from King Abdul-Aziz University , Dr.  Alhaj Hussein has served as Civil Engineer for 9 years at the department of Road Projects and Projects Planning at the Ministry of Municipality, in the Western Region, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.


As a recognized international expert in his field, he was interviewed by international media on CNBC, Qatar TV, Saudi radio and Kuwait radio. Dr Alhaj Hussein is the author of The Effect of Cement Type and Pozzolan on Corrosion: Behaviour and Durability Performance of Reinforced Concrete. His PhD's dissertation book is now highly appreciated and sold in Europe, North America and Asia.